Workshops and Classes are on hold until further notice. 

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Dear All, 

Thanks for all your kind words and emails but I have had to put a hold on the classes for the time being because I am in need of a new studio. 

Things have been very busy over here and I have not been able to respond to all your emails. VERY SORRY!! I will be able to reply two weeks from your email and generally on Sundays. 

Also - Vouchers are also on hold - I don't want to give false impression that you can have a class soon!!! I have saved some days for people who currently have vouchers and will put these back on sale once the schedule relaxes. 

Send me an email if you have a voucher already to arrange a date!

I'm so sorry I can't teach you all at the moment, but am also so flattered with the response. 

Thanks guys!!! =)

Thidaa (Blue Guy)

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above Photos by Rebecca Jane Callaby, Food by Signorelli London and Styling by Rosie Jenkins.