Blue Guy Loves you. And Blue Guy would love to make you a pot!

Based by Broadway Market in the heart of East London, Blue Guy was born out of a love of craftsmanship, design and experimentation. 

 Following her introduction the the world of ceramics in 2013,  Thidaa Roberts, also an architect, founded Blue Guy in November 2014. Thidaa has been carefully refining and advancing her throwing skills and design sensibilities ever since, resulting in a unique mix of natural materials, bold colours and excellent functionality.

Every piece is lovingly hand-made by Thidaa in her studio: a chunk of clay is spun on the wheel, the design refined through turning, the end result hardened through bisque firing and then finished using carefully controlled glazing. While several pieces can be made in each small production run, part of the charm is that an element of serendipity throughout the production process introduces individual differences to make each item truly a one-of-a-kind object.

Blue Guy has launched private ceramic wheel throwing classes in her studio, and is always up for a challenge – please contact her for bespoke commissions. Need a small cup for your loved one? No problem. A family of homeware for your bar or cafe? Done. Just want to say hi? That’s cool too.

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Photo taken by Rebecca Jane Callaby while doing a pop up shop at Shinola London in May 2015

Following photos by Rebecca Jane Callaby, styled by Rosie Jenkins and food by Signorelli Bakery

Following photos during a collaborations with Whistles. 2017. 

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